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Terms & Conditions


1. Length of lessons:

Individual singing and guitar lessons take place in 30, 40 and 60 minutes units of study. English Finishing Class takes place in a 60 minute learning unit. All lessons are conducted according to pre-agreed learning units and terms. 


2. Payment of tuition fee:

The tuition fee is required no later than 8 days after the received statement and refers to the hours of the current month. For English Finishing lessons, an invoice is issued for each hour, and payment must be settled no later than eight days after the invoice received.


3. Late payment of tuition fees:

If a payment is two months late, the student can no longer attend lesson hours until the obligations are settled. In exceptional cases, you can notify us in advance of a payment delay, this is justified on the basis of your argument no more than once a year. 


4. Late arrival of student to the lesson:

For the optimal benifit of the lesson, the student must arrive to the lesson at the pre-agreed time. If you are late to your lesson it will last only until the end of your scheduled hourly appointment.


5.Student absence on lessons: 

In case of non-announced absence from the lesson, the full price is charged. To replace the lesson you need to have given a prior notice of at least 2 days before the reserved time. Please inform us about the absence at  In case of an announced absence 2 days before the agreed date, Mega Music will propose a resheduled time to replace the lessons.


6. Teacher's absence on the lesson:

In case of teacher absence for objective reasons, Mega Music proposes a replacement/re sheduled lesson. We reserve the right to replace teachers when this is in the best interest of the student (for example is a teaching is sick for a long period). 


7. Registration times:

Our standard programs (vocals and guitar) require a minimum registration time of 30 days. For other programs,(English Fingishing/or studio services) it is possible to register for hourly attendance.


8. Processing of personal data  By enrolling in Mega Music:

You agree to Mega music processing your personal information for your own needs. We send you messages about your hours to your e-mail address and periodically, and let you know about our events and news. 


9. Personal data:

We protect personal information in accordance with the law


10. Validity:

We reserve the right to change the pricelist and general terms and conditions of business. We will notify our customers in advance of any major changes. 


11. Getting acquainted with the Terms of Conditions

Customers who visit our school and enrole for our services are considered to have been previously familiar with the general terms and conditions of business.

Management of personal data

MEGA MUSIC, Education, Aleš Marjetič, s. p., Borovec 12, 1236 Trzin 


The personal data controller may process personal data of the individual if the personal consent of the individual is made. The individual's consent is given when an individual registers to our mailing list or when they visit our music school and enroll in our lessons.

Your personal information will be used exclusively for the purpose of receiving our newsletters and for the successful implementation of your educational activities.


Privacy Policy and Validity 

Privacy policy may change over and over again without prior notice. Changes and additional clarifications come into effect with the publication on our website.  We do not transfer your information to third parties. If you have any questions regarding the processing of your personal information, please contact us at or at +386 51 310 346

What kind of personal information is processed? 

The personal data we process is as follows:


The data we need to order and successfully perform our services and issue bills. These are basic personal information: name, surname, phone number and e-mail address.  * The information we need to send our e-news to those users who have applied to them.  * When you visit our website, the provider processes the IP address through which the user accesses the Web site and the link information.  * In order to offer you the best user experience, we use applications that analyze users' visit to our site. In this way, we can prepare more content for more visited sub pages.

By subscribing to newsletters, we can contact you to let you know about our news about our activities, we send you educational content and get your opinions through surveys.  * To determine the effectiveness of our campaigns, we use the Facebook Pixel app to make the most popular content.

Data storage and individual rights:  

Our website is hosted on the platform, which can store part of your data on secure servers.  * We keep the personal information that we process on the basis of your consent until such consent is withdrawn from your site. If you do not want us to process your data anymore, please contact us in writing at, where we will cancel your request for processing your information

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